ECi Announces New Engine Assembly Program


engineA new program from Engine Components International will offer complete engine assembly and run-in testing. Customers can get a complete engine, built and run-in, ready for installation in their airframe. They have many options to choose from, beginning with the base engine model, displacement, crankshaft and crankcase configurations, cylinder bore finish, piston compression ratio and accessories. The standard TITAN paint scheme is the signature gloss black with silver cylinders fins, but if the customer wants another paint color, “…ECi is open to discuss that too. It’s all about what the customer wants. It’s his/her engine, so we want them to be involved and proud of their engine,” said Tim Morland, general manager for ECi.

“We knew we would have in-house capabilities to build engines for immediate installation in airframes at one point; this point in time just seems to be the perfect time to initiate the program. ECi is growing in new market segments; we’re distributing many globally recognized product lines including OEM and other PMA product lines. Building engines just seems to fit right in with our new holistic mission,” Morland said.

For more information, visit, or call 800/324-2359.


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