Legend Cub a Top Choice for Tailwheel Instruction


cubAmerican Legend Aircraft Company announced its Legend Cub has won the favor of numerous flight schools for both sport flying and tailwheel training. As sales of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) gain momentum, the Legend Cub continues to lead in this category, as it has since its introduction and first flight in 2005, the company says.

The Legend Cub is a modern incarnation of the venerable Piper Cub and was conceived by incorporating the best features of the Piper design with the addition of a short list of features most desired by today’s pilots. The Legend Cub draws on characteristics of vintage J-3, PA-11 and Super Cub models, and meets the certification requirements for LSA operations. This brings down the cost of flying for student and Sport Pilots. Typical rental rates for the Legend Cub are around $100/hour with fuel, compared to $150/hour-plus in common trainers such as many Cessna models.

American Legend Aircraft Company manufactures the Legend Cub and Super Legend—both FAA-certified aircraft for sport, recreation and training. These aircraft are powered by Continental and Lycoming engines. Available options include floats, tundra tires, ballistic parachute, glass panel, autopilot and more. Legend Cub kit aircraft allow amateur builders to create and fly their own custom version of a Cub. Kit models can be certified to 1,700 GTOW and offer a variety of powerplant and configuration options.

For more information, visit www.legend.aero, or call 903/885-7000.


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