Fighter Jet Lookalike Kit


The Greek-born Archon SF1 prototype is on display at AirVenture this year, with expectations of having a kit available for buyers by AirVenture 2023. With angular lifting surfaces combined into tail boom support structures in the shape of a stealth fighter’s engines, and all the other visual trappings of a jet with an “F” preceding its model number, passersby could not help but stop to learn more about this eye-catching aircraft.

Running a 40-horsepower two-stroke engine, electrically actuated retractable landing gear, and pushrod flight controls, the prototype has logged over 350 hours of test flying. The model exhibited in Oshkosh is fitted with a Rotax 912 100-hp engine. Aircraft structure is comprised mainly of painted aluminum with blind rivets, and composite fairings. Kits will be delivered with pre-painted, pre-cut, pre-drilled aluminum sheets, and the plans are being written so that they are approachable and clear for first time and experienced builders.

While the kit was designed in Greece, it will be produced at Fisher Flying Products in Canada, and sold and supported by SportairUSA of North Little Rock, AR. Introductory pricing is $34,900.Photos: Sarah Brown and Tom Wilson.


  1. I’m glad to see you and Oshkosh finally noticing this aircraft. I have been watching it’s development for 5+ years.
    Please do an in-depth article on it.

  2. Seems like great idea for a kit that will prolly sell very well but i may have an idea for perhaps a special performance model :). I was goin to say fit it with a jet engine but that may not be practical for this airframe, obv the engineers of this kit would know better. What I was goin to suggest instead of a jet engine is a company called Heron is in the process of puttin one of the smallest turbine engines into production although it costs just about as much as this fighter plane kit. The turbine engine is called the Heron GVA-130. It weighs 82 lbs and comes with a gearbox already mated to the turbine. It is capable of producing 130hp and consumes about 10.5 GPH of Jet A fuel although they say it can burn just about whatever lol although Jet A fuel is preferred. If I had this kit I would certainly consider the Heron GVA-130. Maybe Archon and Heron could collaborate on this. They could call the plane the Herchon, I know lame lol. But at least the SF1 could claim to have a turboprop option available. I think the GVA-130 would be a perfect fit for this plane. The GVA-130 is 40 lbs lighter then a Rotax 912 and produces 30 more horses. Although the only real downside is the GVA-130 will prolly burn a lil more then twice the amount of a more expensive fuel then the rotax and i dont know what the fuel capacity of this kit plane is, maybe it can be fitted with conformal external tanks rofl. But it is a kit plane so obv the builder can select whatever engine he wants unless the kit actually comes with an engine. The webpage i found this Heron turbine engine on is on this same Kit Planes website. Here is the link:
    If you need more good ideas or somebody extremely skilled in wiring, turning wrenches, fabrication, building/repairing planes and cars and alot more get at me, I live in nj lol. Fly/Drive Safe.


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