First Timer’s AirVenture Arrival


How busy is the Oshkosh arrival? Ride along for a portion of columnist Ariana Rayment’s first flight into the big show with our EIC Marc Cook. Airplanes everywhere, plans that change quickly and always the possibility you won’t get in on the first try (or even the second).

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  1. Great job! Talk about stress. I couldn’t see any traffic in the video except the aircraft in front, but I’m sure there was planes everywhere. When I flew in without a radio, there were so many aircraft everywhere, I abandoned the no-radio approach since I couldn’t navigate with the traffic. I got in a line and just followed it in. I’ll never do that again.

  2. Thanks for the article on you and Ariana doing her first landing at Oshkosh. I flew a tripacer in there in 1987, but want to do it again in the Sportsman I’ve started building. The fact that you are a Glastar/Sportsman owner/enthusiast gives me confidence that I selected the right aircraft.


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