FITS Approval, Avemco Discount for the Savvy GPS Pilot Training Program


When you use an IFR-certified GPS during IFR operations, your life can depend on your ability to quickly access the appropriate functions and make the appropriate control inputs. While its possible to achieve adequate proficiency on your own, it can be time-consuming and frustrating for some pilots. According to Aeromedia, Inc., the company’s Savvy GPS Pilot training course allows students to go from novice to confident GPS users in two days.

To accelerate the learning process and maximize retention, Savvy GPS Pilot instructors use an integrated multimedia teaching technique called Ground School in a Box. Students learn the relevant theoretical and regulatory knowledge and apply it by practicing instructor-led hands-on exercises. The course has been accepted by the FAA as an industry-conducted recurrent training program, and pilots who complete the course are eligible for premium credits from Avemco Insurance through its Safety Rewards program.

Training is available for the Garmin GNS 430/530, the Apollo GX 60/50 and the King KLN 94. Two-day seminars (a pre-requisite to flight training) are offered monthly at Aeromedias Las Vegas location. Other locations are available upon request for groups of six or more students.


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