Fourth Lancair Evolution Flies


Jeff Edwards flew his new Evolution N818SJ for the first time on December 18. Jeff and Shelby Edwards of Chesterfield, Missouri, began the construction of their PT-6-powered Evolution kit with the two-week builder assistance program at the Lancair factory in May 2009. Then, assisted by Brian Harris (Composite Approach of Redmond, Oregon), they brought it to first flight in eight months. The Edwards Evolution passed its FAA DAR Airworthiness Inspection in one day on the first try.

Final preparations for the first flight went smoothly. Jeff is a former Naval Flight Officer (A-6), accident investigator (Avsafe, LLC), and former Flight Instructor of the Year. He reported no problems during the 30-minute flight. Afterward, while thanking all who helped, he said, Im overwhelmed! What an airplane. It exceeds every expectation.Jeff and Shelby are no strangers to building a Lancair as they took delivery of a Lancair IV-P kit in 1999 and in three years produced a beautiful, award-winning aircraft.

The Lancair Evolution is a high performance, pressurized, all composite, four-place design available with either a Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turboprop engine or a Lycoming TEO-540 iE2 electronically controlled piston engine. For more information, visit Lancair International Inc.


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