Schaum Murphy Rebel


After fifteen years of building perseverance, my “RebVair” finally took to the skies on November 15, 2022. It’s the only flying Murphy Rebel powered by a 120 hp Corvair auto conversion. The 3L corvair provides good power through most loading scenarios, but obviously does best when lightly loaded.

As always, deviating from the plans is what added so much time, but all the custom details are now a source of pride and satisfaction: The novel engine required a custom mount, firewall-forward design and cowling. Modified floatplane doors and landing gear step help with ingress and egress. Custom 4-point harnesses, BRS ballistic chute, IFR-capability with 2-axis autopilot, were all added for enhanced safety. With three seats, an incredible CG range, and 700 lb useful load, the Rebel is a workhorse of a plane, but not a speedster.

Initial airworthiness limitations were flown off without issue and I just love touring it through the Northeast. I’m so grateful for family’s support of my crazy hobby!

—Robert Schaum, Connecticut


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