Hatz Definitely Classic

Simply but perfectly done, Carlo Cilliers Hatz Classic was tough to photograph without someone inspecting it.
Modern electronics help keep the Hatz simple and lightweight. The steam gauges were going to be Cub white-faced dials until Keystone Instruments mentioned they had the Hatz silk screens on hand already and for $50 they could be any color Carlo wanted.

Carlo Cilliers is a recidivist builder hailing originally from South Africa although he now does his daily toil at AOPA. Lead Aircraft Maintenance Manager, Flight Operations, if you must know.

Being around all those airplanes, including his previous builds (Mustang II, two Air Cams, a Rotorway and most of an Evans VP-2) means Carlo is starting to get the hang of it judging from his brand new, gorgeous Hatz Classic he debuted at AirVenture.

While nudging the biplane form into the modern age with a bit of glass in the cockpit, the Hatz is mainly remarkable for the outstanding workmanship throughout. We assure you, this is one you’d be proud to say you built.

Carlo opted to run with the classic scalloped red paint trim on just about every surface of his brand new Hatz. It’s a perfect fit for the airframe.
Attention to detail is everywhere, including the tubing identification tags and generally clean layout.

Technical highlights are a big Rotec radial housed inside some seriously English wheeled aluminum in the Townend Ring cowling, a bit of dining room furniture masquerading as an MT prop and upgraded leading edge ribs and such under the perfect rag job.

Saying he’s, “a materials guy” Carlo snuck in a carbon fiber headrest fairing, honeycomb in the seat shells, Inconel in the trim tab hinges along with nearly every material in the ACS catalog somewhere around the plane.

On top of everything Carlo says he started the Hatz in November 2016 and its first flight was two hours after the DAR signed the airworthiness certificate May 20, 2021. Some guys!

Everything is finely detailed on this plane, down to “Hatz” printed on the protective sleeves of the propeller bolt’s safety wire. The 79 x 48 MT climb prop delivers a stately 80 mph cruising as coupled to the 150 hp Rotec R3600.
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Tom Wilson
Pumping avgas and waxing flight school airplanes got Tom into general aviation in 1973, but the lure of racing cars and motorcycles sent him down a motor journalism career heavy on engines and racing. Today he still writes for peanuts and flies for fun.


  1. where do i get the white avionics from? i search for those for half a year now and all i found was a broken set of 3 in ebay UK with no response…🤔
    anyone knowing pls give imput!
    many thanks


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