Headset Trial: David Clark Pro-X2


Yes, we’re more than impressed with the performance of the Bose A20 and some other flagship ANR headsets, but face it— no headset is completely comfortable enough for hours on end of droning along in a small piston airplane cabin. But for some, a Supra-aural (on-ear) design could be the most comfortable, with some compromises.

Headset veteran David Clark has just that with its recently updated $745 Pro-X2 hybrid ANR supra-aural model. At first blush it has a rugged yet compact design, a simple feature seat and decent Bluetooth audio performance.

In this Avionics Bootcamp video series, Kitplanes Contributor and Aviation Consumer magazine Editor in Chief Larry Anglisano put the Pro-X2 on the evaluation bench and took them flying for this field report.



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