Jeff Auen’s Lockwood AirCam (The GuitarCam)


Auen AirCam

It’s the oldest/newest AirCam. Serial number 26, purchased in 1996 it was moved in crates and boxes six times over 11 years to 5 states. It had about 2500 miles on it prior to construction. I called it the “GroundCam” for a long time. The build began in earnest on April Fools day 2014. When the kit was purchased, the fuel injected Rotax 912IS Sport engines did not exist nor did the Skyview avionics. I guess that’s a good argument for an abundance of patience. It’s been modified to easily attach floats and the new full enclosure. Each individual piece of aluminum has been alodined, primed and painted prior to assembly to prevent corrosion. With lots help and encouragement from the wonderful pilots at Essex Skypark in Maryland, it flies hands off with no control tweaks or adjustments. Thanks to Phil Lockwood for a magical design and for supporting even the early kits. Thanks to my pilot consultants and teachers, Carlo, Claudius and Joseph. Especially thanks to my wife and kids for allowing me to have my “part time job” for seventeen months. I’ll be exploring every tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

Jeff Auen
Essex Skypark, Essex MD W48


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