JPI EDM-900 Engine Analyzer at SNF


JP Instruments was promoting its new EDM-900 engine analyzer, introduced in January, at SNF. The unit measures about four and a half inches by three and a third inches and is a half inch deep. A standard three inch hole is required for installation.

Features include percent of horsepower, all engine temps in Fahrenheit or Centigrade, lean find, manual dimming with CD cell bias, EGT/CHT/TIT, USB port for downloading and uploading, a non-primary instrument area, turbine inlet temp and more, plus a message area where all functions show up by tapping step.

The unit is TSO and STC primary to replace all engine gauges. Fuel quantity probes are not included. Units are available for four cylinders up to nine cylinders. The 900-D model may also be used to display parameters in a second location.

There is also a special $1000 discount from standard prices for Experimentals. Standard prices range from $5790 for the primary four-cylinder package to $8400 for the nine-cylinder left/right and aux four tanks setup.

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