Kitfox Aircraft Introduces New 2017 Speedster


Kitfox Aircraft has decided that it is time to create the future by looking at Past success. The year was 1992, and Kitfox arrived at AirVenture with a new and instantaneously popular design, the Kitfox Speedster. Further excitement was added to the introduction of this remarkable little plane when it was flown almost daily by the late Jimmy Franklin in a low altitude acro routine that could simply not be ignored.

That was a generation ago, what about the new pilots who want something more than a plane that just flies straight and level. Kitfox has given the 21st Century an answer to flying boredom, and sure enough, it bears the name “Speedster.” Working from the very successful and robust Kitfox S7 Super Sport, Kitfox has created a clipped wing, aerodynamically refined and superbly styled tail dragger that is guaranteed to get the heart rate up to redline. With Rotax fuel injected power, the 2017 Kitfox Speedster is significantly larger and faster than its earlier namesake, with a great useful load and excellent short field performance. With clipped wings and other refinements, the handling can only be described as “acro-like.” Say goodbye to dull. Visitors at this year’s EAA AirVenture 2017 MUST take the time to visit Kitfox at show site 634 & 635 and see this plane’s outrageous color, paint scheme and new logo that can only be described as “21st century classic,” John McBean, President of Kitfox Aircraft does offer one word of caution, “Be sure to bring some napkins, drooling is to be expected.” And there is a hint that even more surprises may await those who make the AirVenture pilgrimage this year.

For additional information, visit to learn more
about Kitfox LLC. Send email inquiries to [email protected] or call
208-337-5111 for additional information about the Kitfox line of aircraft.

Photos: Larry A. Raulston, used with permission.


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