Kitfox Upgrades Back-Country Landing Gear


There may be no more important component of a back-country aircraft for confidence and safety than a rugged, reliable landing-gear system. As part of its continuous improvement of the long-running Kitfox designs, Kitfox Aircraft LLC and Acme Aerofab have partnered to offer a superior gear and suspension system, now or soon to be available for nearly the entire Kitfox lineup.

The new Black Ops suspension allows the strongly triangulated Kitfox main landing gear to articulate smoothly and controllably over the roughest terrain, improving controllability during back-country operations and providing better passenger comfort. Key to this new system is an internally sprung damping system that separates the springing medium from the damping components. That means a loss of nitrogen pressure in the damping system will not cause the system to sag and lose ride height. A loss of nitrogen or even damping oil will not render the Acme Aerofab system unflyable. Other systems, which use an air/oil system could leave you stranded—or worse.

“We are excited to offer the Acme Black Ops shocks as standard for the Kitfox STi. The more positive feel and ride height coupled with the safety and testing required for the STC makes a shock that is an excellent fit for the back country and the Kitfox Aircraft models,” said Kitfox CEO John McBean.

The STC’d Black Ops suspension is a bolt-on replacement for existing Kitfox Cabane V gear, and is now the standard suspension system for the Kitfox S7 STi, while it’s optional for the Series 5, 6 and 7 Super Sport models. Kitfox Aircraft is currently working on a version to retrofit to the earlier Kitfox Model 4.

The Acme Black Ops shock upgrade package for the Kitfox Series 5, 6 and 7 models is $3430 and is an upgrade option on new-construction Kitfoxes—except for the S7 STi where it is standard.

For more information, contact Kitfox Aircraft at 208-337-5111 or


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