What’s in a Name?

I just opened my September issue of KITPLANES® and found a very nice article describing leakdown testing of an engine. But I am perplexed. Why did someone title the article “Compression Testing: Checking a Cylinder’s Health”? The article was about leakdown testing, not compression testing; I scanned the whole article and could find no mention of “compression testing.” The author did such a fine job with the article, I’m wondering if someone else changed his title.

Vic Armbrust, M.E.

While you are technically correct that the cylinder test described in the article is a leakdown test, the truth is that this is frequently referred to in aviation maintenance literature as a compression test, and it does tell us about the cylinder’s ability to hold pressure—the actual matter of interest. There are literally thousands of logbook entries that label the results of the leakdown as “compression”; and while it might not be a perfect description, it is commonly understood by most mechanics and owners.—Ed.

They Like us!

The September issue is the best ever in my experience. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Sam Chitwood

I usually stay away from magazine subscriptions since I travel for several months of the year, but having both digital and print editions available makes it worth my while. I own and fly only certified aircraft, and it is highly unlikely that

I will ever build a kit airplane. Nevertheless, I prefer reading your publication over Flying and Plane & Pilot. I find that they are both comparatively short on substance. KITPLANES®, on the other hand, has the feeling of an independent, quasi-academic journal. The quality of the writing is superb (for the most part) and highly informative. It even manages to be entertaining. Keep up the fine work. I am looking forward to enjoying my subscription.

Jonathan Tager

I’m once again tearing articles out of my KITPLANES®, stapling them together and saving them.

Sig Siefkes

We love that people feel our articles are valuable enough to tear out and save, but for subscribers, we should point out that you can go online and download every issue—and individual articles—to save and reprint if you prefer to keep your magazine intact.—Ed.

And We Can Do Better…

Regarding the Home Shop Machinist’s quick mount for a handheld— Quick? Six pages in your mag and the need of a machine shop? Cost? A 10-cent strip of Velcro works for me and many of my friends. Get real.

John Moffit

While you’re correct that a piece of Velcro can do the trick (if the glue doesn’t melt off in the heat), the point of homebuilding for many is creating new parts. In fact, it’s cheaper and quicker to buy than to build many airplanes today—but we still choose to build. For those who like to create, we offer the techniques necessary to help them out.—Ed.

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