Experimental Art

I’ve been a subscriber to KITPLANES for many years now and really enjoy your magazine. I decided early on in the building process that I would be serious about safety and construction—and have fun with everything else. Here are some photos of my recently painted Zenith STOL CH750. I think it’s work that I may never remove. When planes are lined up at a fly-in, which one do you think people look at first?

Steve Johnson

We Want Our XP3!

Alright Mr. Dye, you’ve sold me on the XP3 program [“Phase I Done Right,” September 2016]. Now I can’t find anything else about this program. I’ve tried Google searches, EAA’s web site and, of course, the KITPLANES web site.

Scott Crockard

Can you point me to a source for the XP3 program? I’m in the process of building my second test flight program, and I’d surely appreciate another perspective.

Ron Willis

I’m just finishing my second kit, so “Phase I Done Right” was of particular interest to me. In fact, I am planning to do a presentation on this subject at an upcoming EAA meeting. Can you please tell me where I can find the XP3 program material and checklists?

Stephen Port

The XP3 program we were allowed to look at is still in draft form at the EAA, and the association safety committee is currently working with the FAA to turn it into an educational advisory circular. Since it is still undergoing revisions and reviews by multiple flight test authorities, it has not yet been given wide release, as errors in a flight test program can be serious.—Ed.

Aeroquip Fittings

Can you provide some clarification on the fittings and hose used in your article, “Building Aeroquip Hoses” [September 2016]? I just spent the last few days researching this, and I see there are quite a few different types to choose from.

Bill Lane

Bill, thanks for the catch, and we hope that we didn’t send too many of our readers on a fruitless chase. We were talking about 601 hose and AQP fittings, specifically the 816 and 8891 series.—Ed.

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