MGL XTreme EMS Engine Monitor


MGL Avionics has announced availability of its new XTreme EMS engine monitoring system. The XTreme EMS is based on a 4.3-inch sunlight readable, wide viewing angle, high-resolution LCD display. It integrates an SD card reader (for software updates and for engine data recorder), five function buttons and a rotary control. It can be connected to standard MGL Avionics RDAC (engine monitor) boxes, which are required. 

The XTreme EMS is designed to fit a standard 3.125-inch round instrument hole. The body is located off-center, allowing the unit to replace instruments on the right side of a standard six-pack configuration or any other location that currently occupies two instruments.

Due to the light weight and low mounting depth no complicated mounting brackets or trays are needed, MGL says. Power use is low, and operation from much less than 12 volts to about 28 volts is fully supported.

The XTreme EMS is an engine-only version of the existing XTreme EFIS that includes primary flight (pitot/static), AHRS and GPS instrumentation. 

An example of a basic package for a four-cylinder engine would be: XTreme EMS, $850; 
RDAC XB, $220; engine senders, $425 for a total of $1495.

More information about the XTreme EMS can be found  here.


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