RANS S-19 Added to FAA 51% List


RANS Designs President Randy Schlitter has announced that the S-19 Venterra will join the official Federal Aviation Administration 51% list. Schlitter said that making the 51% list was a welcome milestone for builders. The all-metal, low-wing kit is designed to fit in both the Sport Plane and Experimental/Amateur-Built categories.

The kit is built entirely on CNC machines, according to Schlitter, and can be purchased as one complete kit or in seven partial kits.  The S-19 features a sliding canopy, a large baggage compartment, adjustable seats, rollover protection, dual control sticks and more. According to the company, build times have ranged from 1000 to 1500 hours, and more than 40 Venterras are now flying, with many others currently under construction.

For more information, contact www.rans.com.


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