Midwest Sport Aviation Debuts AeroPalm GPS for Palm Handhelds


Just when you thought the handheld GPS market couldn’t get any more crowded, Midwest Sport Aviation announced the introduction of a new GPS solution. The AeroPalm Aviation GPS, a flight planning and moving map program, runs on Palm OS devices. It can be purchased as a complete unit (with hardware) or the software can be purchased and installed on Tungsten, Palm and Treo devices as well as Garmins iQue line of PDAs. For those who already own a device, packages are available that include the GPS and mounting hardware for most Palm-based PDAs.

Features include flight planning, fuel planning, weigh and balance, E6B, and moving map with airports, airspace, obstacles and navaids. Additionally, you’ll find a proximity page, HSI, altitude, groundspeed, vertical speed, an attitude approximater function, and an emergency Go-To function to direct you to the nearest airport in the event of an emergency.

For those that already have a Palm PDA, the software is available for $149. A free trial is available on the company’s web site-it operates in simulation mode only. For a complete AeroPalm Aviation GPS system with hardware, prices start at less than $535. For more information or to order, call Midwest Sport Aviation at 608/467-0233 or visit http://www.mwsportaviation.com.

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