New 2-Seat Jet from Sonex

JSX-T-2, the 2-Place SubSonex jet rendering.
JSX-T-2, the 2-Place SubSonex jet rendering.

Sonex Aircraft announced the development of a 2-place variant of the SubSonex Personal Jet today. SubSonex JSX-2T is designed to be the lowest cost jet trainer and a perfect transition trainer for the single-place JSX-2, and for those who want to share the unique experience of jet-powered flight in a light aircraft.

JSX-2T is configured with side-by-side seating for optimum flexibility in CG/loading and offers an ideal training environment for its crew. With a wing span of 21.8 feet JSX-2T will have similar wing loading and handling to the single-place JSX-2. The two-place jet will utilize the same proven PBS TJ-100 turbojet engine system. An optional, more powerful PBS TJ-150 will achieve even higher performance.

The company will hold an Open House and Homecoming Fly-In event on Sunday, July 21st at 10am where visitors can learn more about the JSX-2T and its projected development timeline. The event is held at Sonex Factory Headquarters on Wittman Regional Airport the day before EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 begins. A forum will also be held at AirVenture on Wednesday, July 24th on Forum Stage 5 at 11:30am.

JSX-2T Estimated Specifications and Performance

Length18′ 7.75″ [5.68 m]
Wingspan21′ 9.6″ [6.65 m]
Wing Area87.2 sq ft [8.1 sq m]
Height5′ 8.2″ [1.73 m]
Width with Outboard Wing Panels Removed7′ 6″ [2.29 m]
Cabin Width42″ [106.68 cm]
Empty Weight (estimated)530 lb [240.4 kg]
Gross Weight1500 lb [680.39 kg]
Useful Load (estimated)970 lb [440 kg]
Fuel Capacity50 U.S. Gallons [189.3 l]
Baggage Capacity40 lb [18.14 kg]
Stall Speed (estimated)65 mph [104.6 km/h]
Cruise Speed (estimated)200+ mph [321.9+ km/h]
Never Exceed Speed275 mph [442.6 km/h]
Load Factors (Utility)+4.4 Gs, -2.2 Gs
Load Factors (Aerobatic)+6 Gs, -3 Gs


A comparison of the single- and two-seat SubSonex jets.

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