New ADS-B Global Traffic Receivers


Zaon Flight Systems announces the new MX1090 ADS-B and MX1090-GR traffic receivers.

The MX1090 is fully compatible with PCAS XRX and offers hybrid traffic management. Capable of tracking up to 50 aircraft, plus XRX traffic, the MX1090 offers a high level of accuracy and detection, according to the company. The MX1090 can also receive TIS-B messages, which are the broadcast of all traffic being monitored by an ATC RADAR facility. When combined with the detection capabilities of the XRX, the hybrid result allows detection to 100 n.m., and tracking of both ADS-B and non-ADS-B traffic. Interface options include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and two RS232 ports for connecting to the XRX or a Garmin GPS.

The MX1090-GR is an ADS-B solution optimized for ground use in monitoring and tracking up to 100 ADS-B (and TIS-B) traffic data. It offers USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options.

Prices start at $399.

For more information, visit, or call 800/496-9430.


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