New Altitude Hold System from Trio Avionics


Trio Avionics, manufacturer of the EZ Pilot autopilot for Experimental aircraft, announced that it has begun shipping its new EZ-1 Altitude Hold system. The EZ-1 is designed specifically for Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft, yet the company says it has performance and safety features not found on many certified systems.

The system incorporates a solid-state MEMS gyro for pitch stability, an accurate pressure sensor to measure altitude and accelerometers to monitor G forces. Fin adjustments to altitude can be accomplished without disconnecting the system-simply rotate the encoder knob to adjust the aircraft altitude in increments of 5 feet.

A unique feature of the system is the push-button actuator switch, which incorporates a graphics-capable LCD screen to display system messages, alerts and warnings. When used in conjunction with the rotary encoder, it allows the user to adjust parameters such as system gain, LCD brightness and contrast. It also notifies the pilot when the aircraft is out of trim.

According to Trio, the EZ-1 was designed with safety as the primary goal. Four microprocessors monitor all major system activity and provide redundant error checking. The G force sensor monitors positive and negative vertical acceleration to detect excessive G forces. When the acceleration exceeds acceptable norms, it sounds an alarm and disconnects the servo from the elevator control system to avoid the possibility of structural damage to the aircraft.

The EZ-1 sells for $1795. For more information, contact Trio Avionics at 619/448-4619 or visit

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