New, Lighter Hartzell Prop for RV-10

Hartzell has introduced a lighter weight three blade propeller for the RV-10

Hartzell Propeller announced that it has developed a new three-blade ASC-II composite propeller for Van’s Aircraft RV-10. The new prop is four pounds lighter than Hartzell’s previous model, with most of the weight reduction attributed to its lighter-weight hub. A weight savings of four pounds so far forward of the center of gravity is significant for the RV-10, which tends to be a tad nose-heavy when being flown with just the pilot and no bags, passengers or ballast aft of its center of gravity.

Hartzell says its 3-bladed composite propeller noticeably improves the smoothness of flight on the RV-10 when compared to the 2-bladed aluminium propeller. The ASC-II’s proprietary blade design features a carbon fibre monocoque construction with co-moulded leading edges of electroformed nickel for erosion resistance.

Hartzell says FAA Type Certification of the propeller also reduces owners’ fly-off requirements so they can get in the air sooner. When mounted to a certified engine, such as the Lycoming IO-540, fly-off requirements are reduced to 25 hours, instead of 40 hours, which is the standard for experimental aircraft like the RV-10.

The propeller is available to order directly through Van’s Aircraft. Hartzell says it will deliver the first of its new props to Van’s Aircraft in August, 2012. For more information about the propeller visit Van’s Aircraft on the field at AirVenture in booths 631-633 or online at



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