New Owner for Autolite Sparkplug Line


Aero Accessories, Inc., the manufacturer of Tempest aviation products, announced that it has acquired Unison Industries’ aviation sparkplug product line. Unison previously marketed this sparkplug line under the Autolite brand.

Aero will relocate the sparkplug product line to its manufacturing facility in Gibsonville, North Carolina, and the sparkplugs will be branded and marketed under the Tempest name. Aero anticipates delivering the first Tempest brand sparkplugs in early March.

“The acquisition of the Unison’s aviation sparkplug line is a great addition to our existing line of aviation products,” said John Herman, VP of marketing and sales. “We feel adding this product line is important not only to our company’s strategic plan, but to the general aviation industry as well.” Tempest also manufactures oil filters, dry air pumps, carburetors and other engine-related components.

For more information, visit Aero Accessories/Tempest.

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Mary Bernard
Mary Bernard - The product of two parents with Lockheed Aerospace careers, Mary grew up with aviation, prompting her to pursue pilot training as an adult. Her father, a talented tool-and-die maker and planner, instilled in her an abiding interest in how things are built. For more than a decade, she has been a contributing writer and Managing Editor for KITPLANES®.


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