"One Week Wonder" Day 4: Coming Together


The first thing this morning, we visited the “One Day Wonder” pavilion in the middle of AirVenture 2014 and checked on the project to build and do initial taxi testing of a Zenith CH 750 kitplane before the convention wraps up Sunday afternoon. Charlie Becker, EAA’s manager of homebuilt programs, told us that assembly is running on schedule, plus they’ve not had to work later than 5:30 any evening. The airplane is on the landing gear and the engine is on the firewall–Becker said it’s to the point “you can sit inside and make airplane noises.” He also said that the detail work, so important to making an airplane fly, is just beginning–the airplane is now at the stage often described by homebuilders as 90 percent done and 90 percent to go.

Becker said that the volunteers are showing signs of fatigue, but the presence of so many spectators, many of whom are standing in line to put at least one rivet in the airplane, is keeping the enthusiasm level high. It’s expected that the wings will be attached to the fuselage today.


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