Paint Masking


We’ve all seen those commercials for painter’s tape. They make masking look so easy, but it seems every time I use the stuff, it leaks. Such was the problem recently while trying to Alodine the exterior of my RV-7A. Chemicals leaked everywhere. I needed a better tape.

I can’t claim to be the first to use electrical tape to mask parts, but this idea really made things easier. Electrical tape is expensive, but for this use the Harbor Freight 10-roll pack for $5 is perfect. For this tip, the cheapo wide painter’s tape also works just fine.

Mask the edge carefully using electrical tape, but leave the non-mask edge loose.

First mask the edge carefully using the electrical tape, but leave the non-mask edge loose. Fold it back on itself a little, so about half the electrical tape is stuck, and the other half is lifted off the surface.

Next, cut a piece of painter’s tape the correct length. Lay it against the surface, sticky side up, and slide it under the black electrical tape. Press the sticky sides against each other.

Lay a piece of painter’s tape, sticky side up, under the electrical tape, and press the sticky sides together.

Now you have the edge masked and a section of sticky surface on the painter’s tape facing up. It’s super easy to lay the uncooperative plastic or paper sheeting down without fighting with it. Just press the edge to the sticky painter’s tape.

Finally, rub all the edges down really good with an old credit card, and you’re ready to paint (or apply Alodine).

Lay the edge of the masking paper or plastic over the painter’s tape. It will stick to the tape.


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