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Pietenpol Air Camper
Pietenpol Air Camper

After a sixty year absence of kit availability, Bernard Pietenpol’s legacy, now called Pietenpol Aircraft Company, has joined in a unique partnership with Aircraft Spruce and Specialty to offer six wooden Sitka Spruce Official Pietenpol Air Camper component kits to get the homebuilder started building their own homebuilt aircraft. Kits start at $17.50 for an Original Pietenpol Vertical Stabilizer kit.

Bernard Pietenpol is known as The Father of the Homebuilt Aircraft, whose flying legacy began in 1929 with the invention of the Pietenpol Air Camper. Pietenpol designed the Original Ford Model A powered Air Camper to be an affordable airplane that could be built by the common man with materials that could be purchased in a hardware store/lumber yard. Bernard proved to the aviation industry that an airplane could be powered by an automobile engine and built without aircraft parts.

Pietenpol logoThe Pietenpol Air Camper continues to be a successful design for the same reasons homebuilders were so fascinated by the design 86 years ago. It still has graceful styling, predictable flying qualities, and easy construction.

Bernard Pietenpol’s legacy lives on through the second and third generations of builder pilots. In the last 86 years the Pietenpol family has been offering Official Pietenpol Air Camper plans. During the 1930’s and 40’s Bernard Pietenpol offered Pietenpol Air Camper (DIY) kits to the public.

Bernard’s grandson, Andrew Pietenpol, is a third generation Pietenpol pilot and Air Camper builder. Andrew is now at the helm of Pietenpol Aircraft Company, and recently completed a new website that highlights the history of Bernard H. Pietenpol, the Pietenpol Air Camper, basic Air Camper construction, and an insight into Bernard’s lifetime dedication to aviation, all captured in over 500 never- seen photos. Many of these photos were taken by Bernard himself starting in the 1920’s. In addition, Pietenpol enthusiasts now have an opportunity to have their current Pietenpol projects and completions added to the website.

More information is available at the new Pietenpol Aircraft Company website: www.PietenpolAircraftCompany.com


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