Products: Bendix/King Introduces New Handheld


In a strong suggestion that Honeywell is serious about Bendix/King’s return to form in general aviation, the company introduced three new handhelds at a press function last night. In addition to reminding us that its KSN 770, a WAAS-LPV-capable GPS/nav/com panel-mount in the general format of the Garmin GPS 530, will be available in the first quarter of 2009, Honeywell execs trotted out a new line of product called AV8OR.

Two of these are aimed at the high end: The AV8OR Horizon 3D and the Vision 3D, are large, tabled-based cockpit-information systems that act as backup flight instruments in addition to electronic flight bag products. The Horizon starts at $4995, with the top-line version of the Vision running $7999.

But the product to wow the crowd was the base AV8OR, which is a touch-screen portable GPS, designed for the car and airplane, selling for just $749. It features extensive Bluetooth compatibility; it can receive WX Worx XM weather through the Bluetooth connection, and it can be set up with a GPS antenna repeater in the cockpit-in case you want to use the AV8OR where it cannot get a good view of the sky-also through Bluetooth.

The AV8OR has a 4.3-inch-diagonal LCD screen, a full navigational and land-based points-of-interest database, and can play movies, audio books and MP3 music files. Supposedly, Bendix/King will have the units for sale through retailers today at the show, but it’s early yet and we haven’t confirmed that promise.

For more information, visit Bendix/King.

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