Redesigned Lighting Controller from Flight Data Systems


Flight Data Systems introduced the LC-40e Lighting Controller, a four-channel instrument panel light dimming system for Experimental aircraft. The LC-40e is functionally the same as the company’s LC-40, but has been redesigned and enclosed in a compact black anodized aluminum chassis.

The LC-40e features four independent 1.5-amp channels, allowing up to 18 post lights per channel. The low-frequency pulse width modulation control eliminates bulky heatsinks, and the unit is capable of dimming LED panel lights. The unit measures 2.53×3.42×0.55 inches and weighs 2.5 ounces.

The LC-40e sells for $109 (the company says this is less than half the price of comparable units) and is available from Vans Aircraft, Aircraft Spruce, Aerotronics, Lancair Avionics and Flight Data Systems. Control pots, wiring and instructions are included.

For more information, call 831/325-3131 or visit


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