RV-14 Passes NKET 51% Rule Evaluation


On June 29th, 2016, the FAA National Kit Evaluation Team officially approved the construction of the RV-14 and RV-14A kit airplanes as compliant to the experimental aircraft kit “51% Rule.”

Van’s Aircraft says their 49% goes a long way.

Every component of the RV-14 was laid out, from Quickbuild to slow build, from taildragger to tri-gear, from spinner to tail light, with an philosophy that says ‘anybody can do this’, and invited the FAA to come take a look.

  • Longerons, ribs and all other structural components are supplied pre-bent and with pre-punched holes. All skins line up for easy clecoing, with no need for jigs.
  • The canopy is pre-trimmed to fit to a matched hole aluminum frame.
  • All weldments come pre-assembled and powder coated.
  • Common wiring harnesses at every phase of the build save hundreds of hours and interface with a number of EFIS choices.
  • The RV-14 Powerplant kit supplies ALL components necessary to install an IO-390 or IO-360 Lycoming engine.
  • Cowl baffles are pre-trimmed to fit inside the cowling, with pre-cut baffle seals.

Rosie-vansOptional Quick Build kits for the Wing and Fuselage save hundreds of hours of build time. Quickbuilders will still complete the Empennage, Finish Kit and Firewall Forward kits, but there is even more help available.

Van’s was determined to provide an airplane kit that anyone can build–from beginner to expert.

The ‘tribal knowledge’ of RV construction has been thoroughly documented. Assembly instructions are exquisitely illustrated with clear and concise explanations of the assembly process.

Additional tools, such as supplemental instructional videos, interactive photos, the experienced personnel manning the Van’s tech support hotline, and the thousands of builders and pilots active every day on the VansAirForce.com forums round out the experience.

Building your RV-14 is a journey – and look, you’re halfway there already!

For more information, visit vansaircraft.com.


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