Showing Some Muscle

Looking rather studly, this Model 12 is the creation of Trevor Rafferty according to the cockpit signage.

Yeah, we got a thing for biplanes.

We can relate to a majority of engine instruments, an open cockpit and cross navigation with a Garmin 196 which stands up well in direct sunlight.

We especially like biplanes with a bit of snort.

This Canadian registered Pitts Model 12 in Air Venture parking certainly gets our personal prop governor at fine pitch, what with all that M14 radial muscle out front and a paddle prop fit to hang stars with.

It sure doesn’t hurt that the paint job, tall gear and open cockpit evoke memories of that paragon of muscle biplanes, Samson.

Even better, this machine was obviously built to look good while beating the atmosphere to tatters, but not so much that its primary objective of getting airborne and having fun doesn’t show through. Well done and thanks for making the trip so we could see it.


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