Sirius LSA Available for Demo Flights


Sportair USA, distributor for the Sirius LSA from TL Ultralight of the Czech Republic, has announced that the first aircraft is available for demo flights in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The first delivery will occur at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In this April.

The Sirius is a two-seat, carbon-fiber composite design powered by the 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS engine. It also features a GRS whole-plane ballistic parachute.

Sportair President Bill Canino commented that the Sirius’ cabin is more spacious than anticipated, measuring 45 inches wide at the shoulder and 44 inches at the hip. Entry and egress are aided by generous doors and yoke steering, he added. The Sirius carries 33 gallons of fuel and has a 550-pound useful load. The instrument panel accommodates either a traditional six-pack arrangement or a variety of EFIS flight instruments as well as the full complement of avionics. It is the high-wing counterpart of the low-wing Sting, also distributed by Sportair, and both are U.S. certified as Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA).

For more information or to arrange a demo flight, call 888-FLY-USA or visit

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Mary Bernard
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