Sky Buddy Heading and Altitude Reminder from P2


P2 Inc. Aviation Technology announced the recent introduction of a new portable Sky Buddy electronic heading and altitude reminder, designed to make remembering instructions from ATC easier. Instead of jotting down assignments on paper, the Sky Buddy allows the pilot to quickly set these values into an illuminated electronic display with a twist of a knob.

To install, just plug the 5.5-ounce Sky Buddy into a power source (12- or 24-volt), and you’re up and running. The unit can be flush-mounted with Velcro or an optional dash mounting bracket can be ordered for $16.95.

Operation is as simple. By turning either knob clockwise the numbers increase, and vice versa. When a knob is pushed in momentarily, the pilot can change the resolution to suit the situation-for example, heading can be set to 5 degree or 1 degree increments, each of which is more appropriate for a different situation.

According to the company, the easy-to-read LED displays ensure clear viewing in day or night conditions. The illumination has five levels to suit the pilots preference and is quickly changed by pushing the DIM button. Price for the Sky Buddy is $345, and a one-year warranty is standard. For information or to order, call 888/921-8359 or visit

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