Sonex Acquires Sonerai Line of Aircraft


Sonex Aircraft announced the acquisition of the Sonerai line of aircraft designs from SoneraiWorks LLC. Sonex Aircraft, LLC will be selling the plans and parts for John Monnett’s original aircraft design. More information will be provided in the coming weeks as the company makes the transition of parts and information from SoneraiWorks, LLC. In the meantime, information can be found at

The Sonerai is the aircraft that started it all for John Monnett. Sonerai I was designed by John for competition in the newly-conceived Formula Vee air racing class and made its first flights in 1971. After people began requesting plans for the aircraft, John was in-business. The Sonerai was eventually offered in several configurations including 2-seat variants, mid-wings, low-wings and a stretched fuselage variant, and continues to be a popular homebuilt aircraft design with many examples still flying and new projects currently under construction.



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