Sonex Provides Kit Hardware with WBParts


WBParts_Hardware_Kit_boxSonex Aircraft announced a new relationship with aircraft hardware distributor WBParts to provide the company’s SmartKits hardware packages with Sonex Aircraft airframe kits. WBParts SmartKits are provided in sturdy impact-resistant plastic toolbox drawer assemblies that are organized, labeled and filled by hardware type and include QR codes for easy re-ordering.

“WBParts has taken thorough steps to provide the closest-possible representation of our published hardware lists, including items that builders traditionally had to source from local hardware stores or non-aviation catalog suppliers,” remarks Sonex General Manager Mark Schaible. “Their level of customer service and attention to detail is unparalleled, and ordering replacement hardware using their QR codes with your smart phone is a snap!”

SmartKit hardware packages are available for Onex, Xenos and legacy model Sonex and Waiex aircraft in standard gear and tri-gear varieties. Quick Build Kit hardware packages are also available (Xenos Quick Build hardware coming soon). SmartKits for the new Sonex and Waiex B-Models will be available upon completion of B-Model hardware lists. Effective July 14th, applicable Complete Airframe Kit, Kit-Minus-Tail Package and Quick Build Kit prices will include WBParts SmartKit hardware packages, and SmartKits can also be purchased separately from the Sonex Web Store.


SmartKits bring Six-Sigma/Lean Manufacturing principles to the kit builder’s hangar. SmartKits save time and organization, and shortens overall time to completion. Genuine component parts are in each SmartKit and provide manufacturing trace. SmartKits will keep your parts more organized, giving a more enjoyable and fulfilling kit-building experience. Best of all SmartKits can increase the ease of FAA Airworthiness inspection because they incorporate FAA Safety Values.

More information at the Sonex kit hardware page.


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