Sonex Aircraft Accepting Deposits for SubSonex Personal Jet


SubsonexSonex Aircraft, LLC announced that kit reservation deposits are now being accepted for the SubSonex Personal Jet. A $10,000 refundable deposit will allow customers to receive position numbers for the first kit deliveries, anticipated to begin mid-year, 2014. The introductory price of $125,000 includes the SubSonex Ultra-Quick Build Kit and the PBS TJ-100 turbojet engine with installation accessories. The price will be guaranteed for the first ten kit reservation deposit holders.

The single-seat SubSonex climbs at 1900 feet per minute, has a sea-level cruise speed above 180 mph, and stalls at 59 mph with full flaps. Range is over 300 miles with reserve. Empty weight is 416 pounds, useful load is 484 pounds, and the aerobatic weight is 750 pounds.

The SubSonex is intended to fly under Experimental Exhibition category rules. Without the 51% rule restrictions associated with Experimental/Amateur-Built airworthiness certification, the SubSonex will ship with pre-assembled wings, fuselage, tail, control surfaces, canopy and windshield. SubSonex customers will install the outboard wing panels, engine, fuel system, retractable landing gear, avionics, electrical systems, BRS full-aircraft recovery parachute system, pre-molded fiberglass components, upholstery and paint.

Under Experimental Exhibition category regulations, SubSonex customers will also have the freedom to take advantage of builder assist centers or aircraft finishing services to do the work for them.

“Experimental airworthiness certification under the Exhibition category is perfectly-suited to the mission of an aircraft like the SubSonex,” said John Monnett, Sonex Aircraft founder, president, and SubSonex designer. “There is no proficiency flight area required for aircraft in this group of the exhibition rules, and this is an aircraft that you’ll certainly want to show-off at organized events.” SubSonex pilots can either fly the aircraft cross-country to an event, or remove the outboard wing panels to transport the aircraft in a trailer.

Working commercial pilots operating jet or turboprop aircraft can easily qualify for the FAA Letter of Authorization (LOA) required to fly the SubSonex. Small-aircraft currency can be provided, if needed, via Sonex Aircraft’s T-Flight Transition Training Program. Pilots without previous jet experience can also qualify after completing appropriate training.

The SubSonex JSX-1 prototype and a JSX-2 cockpit mockup will be on-display at Sonex Aircraft’s AirVenture exhibit space (booth #622). The in-progress JSX-2 prototypes will be on-display in Sonex Aircraft’s Hornets’ Nest Research and Development Center. The prototypes can be seen during factory tours being held each morning of the show.

The JSX-1 prototype is tentatively scheduled to fly on Thursday, August 1 during the afternoon airshow. John Monnett and SubSonex lead test pilot Bob Carlton will speak about the aircraft on Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. on the Phillips 66 Plaza main stage.


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