TCW Adds UpConverter to Intelligent Power Stabilizer

TCW's up-converter includes the company's intelligent power stabilization system.

With more and more homebuilders choosing their avionics packages later and later in the building process in an effort to stave off the “obsolescence” factor, there is a need for a device that can allow a 12 volt power system (installed by a builder thinking economically, perhaps) to be stepped up and made capable of driving 24 volt radios and appliances.

“Most up-converters, though, weigh in around 2.5 or 3 pounds,” says Bob Newman, one of the founders of TCW. “Ours weighs 14 ounces.” TCW’s up-converter also sports the company’s signature power stabilizing system, which provides protection against voltage sags and surges, saving delicate EFIS from the vagrancies of unstable power, which saps such avionics’ longevity.

The TCW up-converter with power stabilization can be used to help create a mixed panel including GNS 430W-A / GNS 530W-A systems and Advanced Flight System EFIS, GRT Avionics EFIS, MGL or Dynon Skyview EFIS. And if you really want to move up to say, a Garmin G900x system? The TCW up-converter can help make that happen, even if the aircraft is wired for 12 volt.

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