NFlightcam Captures More Than Video

The NFlightcam with optional mount set to record approach and landing.

For the Experimental aircraft builder/pilot who has completed a project and is now in the flight-test phase, there is nothing more valuable than performance data–all kinds of performance data. Yet nothing is more challenging in the aircraft during test flying than recording it.

The NFlightcam, a 4.3 ounce lipstick-style 1080p high definition wide angle (135°) audio/video camera is ideal for recording in the cockpit during flight, but there is more.

The NFlightcam, an adaptation of the popular Contour HD camera, is different in that it jacks straight into the aircraft’s radio/intercom system to record all audio, and it comes with its own integral GPS mapping chip. That chip allows the user to map a flight on Google Maps, and determine performance across the track depicted (speed and altitude). A fully charged battery and a 16-GB SDHC card can provide the user with up to three hours of recording. The touch of one button begins and ends the recording process.

The NFlightcam with GPS is available from Sporty’s Pilot Shop.


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