The Good and Bad News About Fueling at Oshkosh



The good news is that Mogas is available for the first time at AirVenture thanks to a partnership between EAA, who bought the truck, and Basler Flight Services, who leases the truck for AirVenture.

The bad news is that Homebuilt Parking and Camping honchos would prefer that you plan to NOT get fuel on the field during AirVenture. The fuel trucks cannot operate during the airshow and no one wants them rumbling past their tent at 9 pm or fueling the plane next to their campsite during breakfast. That means the fuel trucks are competing with arriving and departing planes to use “the world’s busiest taxiway” – taxiway P1 – to access the thirsty plane.

Since traffic can only travel one-way at a time on P1, mixing a fuel truck in with departing and arriving homebuilt, warbirds, and, this year, GA aircraft adds to the logistical nightmare. “The worse is the guy who suddenly decides to leave a day early because of weather coming in and expects to immediately get fuel, as one might expect at a local field,” said Jeff Point with Homebuilt Parking. “Basler feels that getting to a plane within 24 hours of a request during AirVenture is timely service,” explained Charlie Becker, EAA Director of Communities. Therein lies the disconnect. Both men advise homebuilders to try to avoid needing fuel at AirVenture by fueling at a field nearby before coming in. If you end up unexpectedly short of fuel, be sure to order your fuel at least 24 hours before your earliest possible need to depart.



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