UL Power FWF Package for Zenith CH 750

UL Power FWF package for the CH 650.

The Zenith Aircraft firewall-forward (FWF) engine package includes the modern technology direct-drive, air-cooled, lightweight and fuel-efficient UL350iS aircraft engine from UL Power. The 130-horsepower powerplant is a horizontally opposed four-cylinder, four-stroke engine with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), multipoint electronic fuel injection with automatic altitude and temperature compensation.

Zenith President Sebastien Heintz said that they have been flying the factory demonstrator CH 650 with the 130-hp UL350iS for a few months and are pleased with the engine. “We’re now offering this same firewall-forward kit to our STOL CH 750 customers, who will be thrilled with the performance of the CH 750 with the UL Power engine.” The full FWF kit includes everything needed to install the engine in a Zenith airframe, including engine mount, oil cooler, fuel pumps, propeller and spinner, and fiberglass cowl, according to the company.

Robert Helms, general manager of UL Power North America, said, “The UL Power engines propel Zenith aircraft to the next level with modern FADEC and unmatched fuel efficiency. We are very pleased to be working with Zenith Aircraft Company. Our complete product line, ranging the UL260i at 97 hp to the UL350iS at 130 hp will be available in various Zenith kit aircraft models.”

The STOL CH 750 is an all-metal, two-seat, high-wing STOL design. It is available as a quickbuild kit, requiring just 350 hours to assemble, according to Zenith.

For more information, visit www.zenithair.com.

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