UL Power Inspires Young Minds


The UL Power engine booth displays a specially made engine block on a pedestal with a cutaway that allows the internal components (pistons, crankshaft) to be viewed. A hand crank was attached to the crankshaft in this display to allow rotation and view the parts in motion. The purpose of the display was to enlighten and educate prospective customers on the engine’s internal construction.

It seems the crank handle was a magnet for a passing group of children at the show. The children instinctively lined up and took turns at turning the crank and watching the engine parts move. Robert Helms, the North American distributor for UL Power Engines happily assisted in the event and abundant smiles resulted in the parents and children alike. Planting a seed of interest in aviation for the young can take many turns!

More information at www.ulpower.net.


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