UND Valve Recession Cause—GAMI’s Theory

Robert Emmett, Vitol’s project manager and GAMI’s George Braly.

General Aviation Modifications Inc. founder George Braly says he thinks he knows why the University of North Dakota’s flight training program had valve seat recession issues using Swift 94UL fuel but he won’t release the details until he’s discussed it with UND and Swift. “I have to extend them that courtesy,” he said. The school used 94UL for about four months before it found the valve problems and switched back to 100LL. At Sun ‘n Fun on Tuesday, Braly said he bought three barrels of 94UL and did his own tests in his own engine test facility and thinks he’s isolated the issue.

Meanwhile, Braly said his 100-octane unleaded fuel G100UL will be commercially available likely within the next couple of months for any fuel distributor or retailer who would like to start selling it. Refining company Vitol has made a “large quantity” of the fuel and is in the final stages of preparing it for delivery. Robert Emmett, Vitol’s project manager for the avgas project, is a Bellanca owner and pilot and said it’s something his company is enthusiastic about getting on the market. It’s likely the first retail sales of G100UL will happen in California where court settlements and the political environment are pushing a switch to unleaded aviation gasoline.


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