Van’s Exceeds Expectations on Kit and Engine Re-Orders


Van’s Aircraft posed a video today updating builders on Chapter 11 progress, which is “on schedule and going smoothly.” “We’ve had an overwhelming response, more than we expected,” said Greg Hughes, who shared the video with Van’s founder Dick VanGrunsven., on the subject of customer re-orders.

Originally, Van’s was hoping for an overall re-order rate of 70% after builders were asked to agree to new, higher kit prices and higher prices on accessories such as engines, propellers and avionics. According to Hughes, the overall response rate has been more than 81%, including a 93% re-order rate on engines and a 78% re-order rate on airframe components. Van’s has extended the order period to February 22 at 11:59 p.m.

Van’s has picked up the pace on kit deliveries, having crated more than 250 kits in the last six weeks and continues to produce and ship replacement components for builders who want to replace their laser-cut parts in existing kits. Van’s has so far provided parts to some 9% of the affected kits.

The Chapter 11 restructuring plan is due to be submitted in early March.

Dick VanGrunsven also announced that the RV-15 is “ongoing” and that the development process will be accelerating soon. (Oregon’s winter weather isn’t exactly conducive to flight testing.)



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