Vertical Power and MGL Xtreme Combo Discount


Vertical Power has announced support for its VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System on the new MGL Xtreme EFIS, and to further sweeten the deal, a new bundle discount has been started that will run through December 31, 2010.

Purchase the MGL Xtreme and the Vertical Power VP-X Pro and save $300; the bundled price is $2600, which includes the base version of the Xtreme EFIS and the VP-X Pro. Purchase the Xtreme and the VP-X Sport and the total cost is $2150, $150 less than the two separately.

The MGL Xtreme is a full-featured EFIS designed to fit a 3.125-inch instrument hole.

The VP-X is a next-generation electrical-system distribution and control network using solid-state circuit breakers, smart current sensing and full annunciation on most EFIS panels sold today. The VP-X series uses standard mechanical switches for circuit control, but the rest of the features are automatic and internally redundant for safety.

For more information on the VP-X series, visit Vertical Power’s website.

For more information on the MGL Xtreme, visit MGL Avionics’ site.


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