Viljoen SubSonex


Andre Viljoen of Broulee, New South Wales, Australia took his SubSonex skyward on November 9 becoming the first SubSonex based outside of the United States to fly.

“Today I joined a very exclusive club when I took my SubSonex for its first fly,” writes Andre, “Yesterday I got my Phase 1 C of A and so there were no excuses not to fly it. All went well. Took it up to 5000’ and did a few stalls, steep turns etc. Landing was uneventful and I did remember to put my undercarriage down! Looking forward to lots more flying.”

“On November 13 I had my second extended flight in the little jet. It was quite different to the first. I spent all of yesterday tweaking a dozen little things and really going over the first flight in my head. I was really ready for this flight. The SubSonex is a delight to fly. I had a bit less fuel in it, so it was not as pitch sensitive, and I just had a ball. Flew the landing at 85 knots and 70% power, cut power over the fence and the rest just fell into place.

I’ve had many an RV smile on my face but now I have a major Sonex Smirk!”



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