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World Aircraft Company’s Vision LSA Debuts

World Aircraft Company (WAC) formally introduced its new Vision this spring at Sun ‘n Fun in Florida.

“We designed an airplane called Sentinel for surveillance and law enforcement with a huge cabin, incredible visibility and STOL capability,” said WAC President Eric Giles. “We then realized that such an airplane would also be desirable to GA pilots, so we now manufacture a civilian version appropriately called Vision.”

Vision is built on the airframe of the company’s Spirit kit aircraft, which debuted at Oshkosh AirVenture 2011. However, the instrument panel on the Vision has been reduced in size, and glass runs down the sides of the cabin for greater visibility. The doors were enlarged by 14 inches with full glass, and even more glass was added to the roof panel. Baggage compartment windows are wrapped around the airframe for more rearward and downward visibility.

The Vision kit is available for $34,495; a painted version is $42,295.

For more information, call 731/642-1995 or visit www.worldaircraftco.com.

Velocity Aircraft Introduces V-Twin

Velocity Aircraft now offers the V-Twin, a twin-engine canard kit airplane. The goal of the plane’s designers, Velocity owners Duane and Scott Wing, was to create a twin-engine aircraft that would be economical to buy, build and fly.

Power is from two 160-hp Superior IO-320 engines, each burning 6 gph in cruise, according to Velocity. While the V-Twin uses the fuselage of the Velocity XL RG, the winglets have been replaced with a centralized vertical tail, and each main wing was extended 2 feet to move the center of lift farther aft. The engine nacelles are positioned close to the centerline to eliminate as much yaw as possible in the event of an engine failure. The MT three-blade, constant-speed, hydraulic, fully feathering props paired with the engines allow for speeds of 175 KTAS, the company says.

The V-Twin has a wingspan of 34 feet and a fuel capacity of 100 gallons, for a 1400-n.m. range with 45-minute reserve. Single-engine sustainable altitude at 100 KIAS is 12,000 feet density altitude. The aircraft will climb on a single engine to 8000 feet density altitude, Velocity says.

The kit price is $110,000. Build time is estimated at 1000 hours.

For more information, call 772/589-1860 or visit www.velocityaircraft.com.


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