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Kuntzleman’s Wingtip LED Light System

Kuntzleman Electronics introduces the LED Combo, a wingtip strobe anti-collision/navigation light system. This cluster of very bright LEDs uses a common controller that furnishes the heads with a junction point for synchronizing and selecting one of seven flash patterns. The system also allows for a separate power source to the navigation red, green and white LEDs.

The system includes two heads, mounting adapter plates for mounting on a radius, 50 feet of three-conductor wire, plugs, pins, one controller, miscellaneous wire connectors and mounting hardware. Also available at no additional cost (if mentioned at the time of purchase), are Combo adapters for Sonex, the BushCaddy and trikes. The introductory price is $399.

Specifications include:

•Navigation colors: Aviation red/green forward and white aft.
•Strobe: Synchronized with seven selectable flash patterns.
•Weight: Two heads and controller: 12 ounces.
•Power draw: Strobe and position lights draw less than 2 amps at 12 to 14 volts.

For more information, call 610/326-9068 or visit www.kestrobes.com.

Zenith Debuts CH 650 QBK

A Quick Build Kit (QBK) for the Zenith CH 650 is now available from Zenith Aircraft. With the QBK, the main fuselage portion of the all-metal aircraft is assembled at the factory, and a factory-installed bubble canopy and cabin frame simplify construction and significantly reduce build time. Modern CNC fabrication technology on the standard kit includes many pilot holes, factory-finished wingspars and all hardware required to complete the airframe.

The Zenith CH 650 is a second-generation Light Sport Aircraft design developed specifically for Sport Pilots. This model offers features such as a larger cabin area and new bubble canopy. Standard features include wing baggage lockers, dual welded-aluminum wing fuel tanks and choice of landing gear configuration (tricycle or taildragger). Builders can choose from a variety of engines and firewall-forward packages.

The Zenith CH 650 Quick Build Kit is $22,950, which is $4450 more than the cost of the CH 650 standard kit. Zenith also sells component kits to builders who prefer to “buy as they build,” or the aircraft can be scratch-built from plans.

For more information, call 573/581-9000 or visit www.zenithair.com.

Radial Rocket Streamline Airframe Kits

Altitude Group LLC announced Radial Rocket Streamline Airframe Kits, which offer all of the Radial Rocket-specific airframe parts—molded composite parts, canopy and windshield, landing-gear struts, CNC and machined metal parts, the assembly manual and templates—but also allow builders to buy directly from suppliers common and over-the-counter hardware, materials and equipment previously included in the airframe kit. Builders will receive a detailed list of the materials and OTC hardware used in the airframe assembly process and sources in the kit, so these materials can be acquired as needed per the builder’s schedule.

Altitude Group’s Jeff Ackland sees the Streamline kit as a win-win. By acquiring common hardware and materials from vendors such as Wick’s or Aircraft Spruce, builders will save about $9000 over the previous airframe kit pricing, and the company avoids having to warehouse these parts. Further, this portion of the builder’s investment in the project can be spread out over time instead of being incurred all at once.

For more information, call 913/634-8531 or visit www.RadialRocket.com.

To submit a press release on a homebuilt-related product, e-mail a detailed description and high-resolution photograph to [email protected]. Mailing address is KITPLANES®, New Products, P.O. Box 315, Ashland, OR 97520.


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