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Drill Holes Without a Template

Trice-Brannon Holdings, LLC, introduces a TracerMarker hole finder and duplicator that will help alleviate the problem of misplaced holes. Drilling holes in sheet metal and getting them in the right location can be time consuming and inconsistent. This new tool eliminates the need for paper or clear plastic templates that can sometimes be the cause of errors, the company says. The TracerMarker allows for duplication of the desired hole pattern quickly and accurately. Place the adhesive-backed TrackerMarkers over the hole pattern to be copied, press the material onto which the pattern is to be transferred over the TracerMarkers, and the location of the holes to be drilled is apparent when the material is lifted. Tap the TracerMarkers with a hammer to indent the hole locations, and then remove them to expose the new hole centers to be drilled.

A 100-pack of TracerMarkers is $19.95, and various sizes are available. For more information, call 214/762-9767 or visit http://www.tracer/marker.com.

TravelScoot to the Rescue

If you’ve ever flown into an airport that didn’t have ground transportation when you needed it because of difficulties with walking, the TravelScoot may be the ticket. Most electric mobility scooters are too heavy and bulky to fit into small airplanes, but the TravelScoot is different. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it stores away in 2.5 cubic feet of space, opens and folds quickly without tools, weighs 49 pounds with battery (29 without) and comes in a carrying bag.

The price is $1195 (includes crating, shipping and handling). For more information, call 800/342-1124, or visit http://www.travelscoot.com/.

AvMaster Relay

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty has added AvMaster relays to its inventory of aircraft building and maintenance supplies. Designed to protect radio gear, the self-contained AvMaster relay provides protection from voltage spikes in the aircrafts electrical system that may occur when flaps, landing gear or an electrical fuel pump is activated. Eliminating the need for a backup avionics master, four parallel relay-controlled circuits allow for individual fusing that separates each item in an avionics stack.

Available for 14- or 28-volt systems, the AvMaster relays sell for $89.95. For more information, call 877-4-SPRUCE or visit www.aircraft spruce.com.

Smart Welding Helmet

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced affordable auto-darkening welding helmets with its Pro-Hobby and the Performance lines. The Performance series replaces the Xli and Xlix helmet lines and is designed for professional and  production welders who work extended periods every day. The Pro-Hobby is an entry-level line that caters to the quality- and budget-conscious welding enthusiast. In the Performance helmet, three arc sensors darken the lens between shade number 8 and number 13 in 1/20,000 of a second. It also has an automatic auto on/auto off feature that activates the lens shade without having to manually turn the helmet on. In grind mode, the lens is prevented from darkening. The Pro-Hobby series offers many of the same features, but at a more affordable price. Both lines introduce a magnifying lens holder and a fixed number 3 shade lens for better visibility between welds.

The Performance series prices range from $219-$239; the Pro-Hobby series runs from $149-$169 (with movable shade). For more information, call 800/4-A-MILLER or visit www.millerwelds.com/products/welding helmets.

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