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Cub Crafters Introduces Carbon Cub Kit

In a utility airplane, the power-to-weight ratio reigns supreme, which is why Cub Crafters is making a big deal about its new Carbon Cub kit. Said to weigh 200 pounds less than traditional Super Cubs, the Carbon Cub is designed to accept powerplants from the 100-hp Continental O-200 to the 180-hp Lycoming IO-360.

Cub Crafters says a 160-hp version, certified in the Experimental/Amateur-Built category, can weigh as little as 925 pounds empty. An ELSA version, with the O-200, can weigh as little as 845 pounds empty, according to the company, leaving 475 pounds for people, things and fuel. Select use of composite materials and a simplified wing structure-with half as many parts as the original Piper design-contribute to the weight savings, the company says. A modern cowl design along with a streamlined fuselage also improve performance to 130 mph or more in cruise.

The kit prices start at $19,995 for the standard fuselage kit plus $19,995 for the standard wing kit and $19,995 for the standard finishing kit. These subkits complete the airplane save for engine, avionics, paint and interior. Additional options include ready-to-cover quickbuild wing and fuselage kits (add $3000 to the wing kit and $4000 to the fuselage kit) as well as a Deluxe finishing kit (add $4000). Cub Crafters can provide the components painted for additional cost. Finally, there is an optional High Gross Kit ($4995) that takes the non-LSA version from 1430 to 1650 pounds maximum gross weight.

With all the quickbuild options, the Carbon Cub will be ready to cover in 120 hours, the company says. For more information, call 509/248-9491, or visit www.cubcrafters.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.

Study of LSAs May Affect Insurance Rates

Company President Jim Lauerman announced that Avemco will be conducting an in-depth analysis of its Light Sport Aircraft underwriting standards and is fine-tuning them to differentiate more effectively among models. Critical factors include dealer training-especially for pilots transitioning to LSAs, parts availability and maintenance support. Avemco reps are visiting LSA manufacturing sites and dealer facilities to conduct the analysis and get first-hand information. Says Lauerman, We’ve found that the light wing-loading of LSAs requires a greater emphasis on low-speed directional control. While some dealers and manufacturers are already addressing the need for training, Avemco will adjust its underwriting requirements for models that fall short of the additional training or don’t have parts and maintenance available.

For more information, call 301/694-4207 or visit www.avemco.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.

SUNLite LED Lighting

AeroLEDs now offers a smaller version of its popular AeroSUN LED anti-collision/landing/taxi light system introduced last year. Both the SUNLite and AeroSUN systems are 100% solid-state and are designed for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft powered by the Rotax 900 series engine. SUNLites offer a smaller footprint and use new high-intensity LEDs, which consume 20%-50% of the current of traditional filament or high intensity discharge (HID) lighting while producing more light per watt.

The AeroSUNLite units can be installed as a single unit on the nosegear or cowling, or they can be installed in pairs within the wingtips. The wingtip configuration allows for phased (wig-wag) flashing of the lights, offering the most effective anti-collision protection without diminishing the life of the lights. All of the products are rated at 50,000 hours of operation.

The AeroSUNLite lights are $224.95 per single light or $399.95 per pair. For more information, call 208/867-1319 or visit www.aeroleds.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.

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