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ECi Extends Warranty Coverage on Titan Cylinders

Engine Components Inc. (ECi) has extended warranty coverage on its popular Titan brand cylinders from one year to three years, for both parts and labor.

This change reflects the confidence we have that the quality of our Titan cylinders exceeds that of any other, said Glen Golden, ECis president. Over the last two years our company has invested an incredible amount of resources into improvements to our Titan cylinders. Titan cylinders are available with the firms exclusive nickel+carbide cylinder bore coating, which carries a unique five-year warranty from rust or premature wear. Titan applications include parallel-valve Lycoming 320/360/540 designs, Continental 470/520/550 series, Continental GTSIO-550 (crossflow) designs, and the O-200/300/C-series engines.

For more information, call 210/820-8101, or visit http://www.eci.aero/.

Vesta Introduces Honda Conversion

Vesta, Inc. now offers an Experimental engine conversion made from the J35 V-6 3.5/3.7-liter Honda automobile engine. The engine comes with a HyVo chain PSRU that can be set with ratios from 1.5:1 to 2.5:1. A dual computer, starter and alternator are also included. The dry weight of the engine with PSRU is 350 pounds, the company says.

Horsepower is rated at 220 to 300, depending on displacement and use of an optional supercharger. The supercharged version will maintain 260 hp to 12,000 feet, and adds an extra 20 pounds, Vesta says. Because of liquid cooling, fuel burn is 2 to 3 gph less than a comparable air-cooled aviation engine. The engine is tuned for two-, three- or four-blade propellers, also made by Vesta.

Base price for the engine is $13,900, plus $5400 for the three-blade prop.

For more information, call 908/238-9522, or visit http://www.vestav8.com/


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