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First Diesel-Powered LSA is Introduced

Aircraft powered by a diesel engine. The proof-of-concept Thorpedo DP uses the innovative Wilksch Airmotive WAM-120 turbocharged three-cylinder, two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine, which burns 3 to 3.5 gph of Jet A fuel.

The WAM ASTM-compliant diesel engine has been flying in a Thorp T211 in England for almost four years and has logged 400 hours, says Ram Pattisapu, president and CEO of IndUS. “At 14,000 feet, its still climbing at 500 fpm,” he says.

The WAM 120 engine provides 120 horsepower and is expected to yield significant cost savings as well as increased TBO intervals, which are estimated at 3000 hours. The company plans on certifying the diesel-powered Thorpedo by this summer.

“There are many places that have no 100LL at all, or if they do, its significantly more expensive than jet fuel,” says Pattisapu. “The new Thorpedo DP will be incredibly valuable to pilots all over the world.”

Orders for the Thorpedo DP are being accepted for deliveries later this year. The estimated cost is $125,000 for a night VFR equipped aircraft. For more information, call 214-337-6387 or visit http://www.indusav.com.

Adjustable Mounting Collars

Stafford Manufacturing offers a wide selection of mounting collars that can be used to attach a variety of devices and accessories onto structural tubing frames without drilling or gouging.

The universal mounting collar features a smooth bore and clamp-style design that tightens securely onto structural tubing and shafts without damaging them, the company says. It has two opposed flat sides with countersunk drilled and tapped holes, and can be easily adjusted using a hex wrench. It’s also capable of withstanding more shock and vibration than radiator clamps and other mounting products, according to the company. Thecollars come in inside diameters of inch to 1.25 inches and are made from aluminum, steel and stainless steel with optional PTFE bushings where required. Specials including hex, square or threaded bores are optional, as is chrome plating.

Prices depend on material, size and quantity, and are available upon request. For more information, call 800-695-5551 or visit http://www.staffordmfg.com.

AIR Offers Improved Handheld EFB

AirGator has announced the release of its improved NAVPad5 electronic flight bag. Its small form factor offers all of the functionality of the company’s full-size commercial EFBs in a handheld package. Features include a 4.8-inch sunlight-visible touchscreen, fast CPU, long battery life, Bluetooth and WiFi wireless, solid-state drive (with optional hard drive), top hat, optical pointing device, Windows XP OS and a full keyboard. Its an ideal moving map, XM Wx weather display and approach viewer, the company says.

The NAVPad5 can be run in either landscape or portrait mode and, weighing just 1 pound and measuring 6.7×3.25×1 inches, it fits in virtually any cockpit.

The NAVPad5 alone is $1000, as a NAVAir approaches viewer for $1250, or as a complete Bluetooth XM Wx and NAVAir EFB moving map navigation system for $2495.

For more information, call 914-666-5656, Ext. 2, or visit http://www.airgator.com.



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